©2018 by Kate Keating

Sea Shore


At times life can feel messy and tangled. We might not be the versions of ourselves that we'd hoped. For some pre-teens and teens this looks like anxiety, depression, and sometimes self-harm or thoughts of suicide. 

In these moments, a relationship with a therapist can facilitate change. By working with a therapist, seeing with clarity often becomes possible and alternative ways of being emerge.  

Most of the time, therapy with me looks like a natural conversation. At other times, we might engage in specific writing, visualization, breathing, or movement activities. We can play board games, do art, or go for a walk, too, as we work on achieving the goals you define for yourself. 

The process of therapy is co-created by the two of us; it's a partnership. You bring your expertise about yourself and your experience in the world; I bring an open heart and evidenced-based interventions. Together, change happens. 

If this sounds beneficial to you or a teenager you love, send me a message or give me a call.